Some things just never go out of fashion…

Fashion is a fast- paced, crazy world, with trends going from one extreme to another as the seasons change.  Despite all that however, there are some pieces that you can have in your wardrobe for literally a life time and they will always be in fashion and you will always look your best in them.
My idea of classic pieces? 
The first thing that comes racing across my mind when just thinking of the word ‘classic’ would be a camel Burberry trench coat; it’s practical, it keeps you warm, you can wear it from day tonight and it will always make the most elegant statement. 
Also, i’d say that a classic black bag is an absolute essential. Whatever the ‘it bag’ of the moment is you will always come back to that one. Mine is a classic black ‘Dior’ and it was a present from my parents for my 17th birthday. I am almost 20 now and I am still in love with it and I plan to pass it on to my own children…one day :) 
A little black dress and a good- quality shawl would simply complete your wardrobe; there will always be something to come back to when you don’t know what to wear. 

Hope you like the pictures. Have a great start of the week everyone!

Natalie xoxo

In the photos I am wearing: Burberry Prorsum Trenchcoat, Max & Co black dress, Louis Vuitton shawl, Chanel boots and Dior bag. 

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