It’s Fashion Week! The Latest from New York!

It’s that time of the year again, where we need to switch our sandals and summer wedges for the highest heels and the most extravagant outfits in our closets for the start of Fashion Week or rather Fashion Month! The festivities have started in no other place but New York and it has certainly been an amazing start. From the gorgeous pastel dresses at Luca Luca, those lust-worthy asymmetric skirts at Jason Wu and Rag & Bone’s cool outerwear, here’s a little recap of the best and worst New York has been offering us so far: 

Luca Luca was pure perfection: there were etherial white classic looks, insanely beautiful dresses in pastel colours, perfect for the summer, as well as harem pants, for the more daring! On top of that the materials look soft, flowing effortlessly, hugging the models’ bodies, so you get comfort and style at the same time. Definitely a winner in my opinion!
Now when it comes to the Olsens’ collection for The Row, my comments are not as positive! Formless and clinical, that’s how I’d describe the looks that came down the runway.  In my mind, an all white ensemble is pure chic, I can imagine it on a stylish, confident woman on her holiday in St Tropez. These particular white pieces however, remind me more of the coats, scientists wear in laboratories than of women vacationing in the South of France! Compare the ‘all white’ looks from Luca Luca above to these and I think you’ll understand, where I’m coming from…
When it comes to the Jason Wu show, my first thoughts were that he showed us the best, American fashion has to offer. Looking at the cute bows that accessorised the knitted sweaters, the asymmetric skirts, the gorgeous pastel colours, the celebrity- friendly gowns, as well as the gorgeous print that dominated the collection (collaboration with one of his favourite graffitti designers) I got the vibe of the designer creating a classic yet modern look. This is what represents the iconic, fashion- conscious American woman. 
In other words this show is definitely a favourite and in an ideal world I’d purchase every single piece of the collection, hence the overload of pictures😉

If you love sportswear, you will love the Rag&Bone S/S ’12 show! Even though I’m not a fan of the sporty look, I must admit that Rag & Bone do it well and in the most chic, glamorous way possible. Every piece gives off a very cool, effortlessly chic vibe and the colours are also great, so this is definitely a winner!
Doo Ri did what she does best, for yet another season: draped dresses. That orange one (picture 3) is literally to die for! This time however, she seemed to have tried to step outside her boundaries and she did that just fine with the beautiful floral print on some of the dresses, as well as her white ensembles! There were a few other pieces that critics characterised as “heavy” and I definitely agree but overall a great collection! 
Cynthia Rowley also presented a lot of florals but I personally thought that the materials she used were extremely heavy, especially for a spring colleciton. Also black and gold structured dresses does not exactly say spring/ summer either to me! 
So the conclusion? The ‘all white’ look is still going strong and I’d say it’s the number one trend that everyone can adopt, being so classy and suitable for women of every age. Colour- blocking is also still on trend, the colours are a lot softer this season however and we love that. Sportswear is as chic as ever and harem pants are still going to be around, something which will make the Man Repeller, as well as every other fashion conscious woman, very very happy I’m sure.

Happy Fashion Month! 

Please do share your thoughts below on what you thought of the shows so far and by all means feel free to disagree🙂

Natalie xoxo
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2 Responses to It’s Fashion Week! The Latest from New York!

  1. Mary Lane says:

    I love that blue off-the-shoulder dress. There are going to be some great colors this season!

  2. Natalie says:

    that's a favourite of mine as well🙂 and I agree I wish I could fast forward to next spring just to wear those gorgeous colours ;)thanks for reading the post..natalie xxxxx

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