New York Update: Alexander Wang, Prabal Gurung and Victoria Beckham

New York Fashion Week continues and it’s been full of pleasant surprises… Almost too many to handle in fact!

First and foremost Miss Beckham has wowed even the most skeptical of critics (you know, those who don’t like to see celebrities get into fashion) with her collection this season! The knee- length, body conscious dresses scream sexiness and sophistication, the orange additions added such a great, cheerful note, while that maxi dress that came out towards the finale (see last picture) was a real vision: airy, effortless and gorgeous! So overall a job extremely well done!
Alexander Wang did what he does best for his spring collection: sportswear chic! He made mesh trousers look glamorous, mixed tribal motifs on jersey sweaters and made little body-con dresses look effortless and sporty! That takes real talent to achieve and for yet another season Alex Wang proved that he is a real master on his field! 
Prabal Gurung really stepped outside his safety zone this season and the fashion crowd is literally going crazy over this incredible collection. There were transparencies, feathers, bondage belts and asymmetric cuts everywhere. I can already see how this genius and extremely daring pieces will translate into gorgeous fashion editorials next year. 
However, the designer did not take this risk, without thinking of wearability as well and of pleasing his customers. That’s why he also had less revealing but still stunning little black and purple dresses come down the runway, as well as Oscar- friendly gowns and trousers matched to ‘safer’ blouses…
In other words, the most extravagant of editors are happy and so are the brand’s less extravagant and customers (who by the way include Sarah Jessica Parker and first lady Michelle Obama)! So mission accomplished for Prabal this season! 
Stay tuned for more coverage throughout Fashion Month and follow my Twitter or my Tumblr page for up to minute updates! 

Natalie xoxo
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2 Responses to New York Update: Alexander Wang, Prabal Gurung and Victoria Beckham

  1. Tereza Anton says:

    I'm in love with the 4th and 5th outfits, they look amazing.

  2. Natalie says:

    completely agree with you, Victoria Beckham is incredible being such a new designer! and I'm sure there will be more affordable versions of that maxi dress made asap, which is good news for all of us ;)natalie xxxx

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