Behind The Scenes…

I’d say I love backstage photos, more than I love looking at the actual runway images. There’s chaos in the background, excitement, stress and models making goofy faces at the photographers. This is what the fashion industry is all about: people  stressing and freaking out over things like a pair of earrings gone missing or a single bead coming off the 10.000 pound finale gown, there’s extremely fast paces, complete chaos at times but somehow that’s how everyone functions and at the end when it all works out you drink a glass of champagne or two, take a breath, smile and move on to the next life- consuming project!
I think that a backstage image can communicate all these different emotions and give a small taste of this insane but magical fashion world! 
So here’s a selection of ‘behind the scenes’ images from some of my favourite shows that took place last month, from Jason Wu, Gucci, Dolce, to Marc Jacobs and Victor&Rolf…

Natalie xoxo
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2 Responses to Behind The Scenes…

  1. That first image is perfect!

  2. Natalie says:

    i know i'm in love with it! it makes a gorgeous desktop background too😉

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